Our Company

We are transformative.

Pioneering a new approach to an old industry.

We are on a mission to prove that cleaner doesn't have to cost more. We are committed to making environmental gains for our stakeholders and sustainable returns for our shareholders.

Our world class team, partners, investors, and advisors combine execution horsepower with inspired creativity.

Leadership with an unstoppable focus on execution

Our team combines hundreds of years of experience with an entrepreneurial, spirited mindset.

A photo of Jay McKenna, President & Chief Executive Officer at Nacero

Jay McKenna

President & Chief Executive Officer

A photo of Tom Tureen, Chairman at Nacero

Tom Tureen


A photo of Hal Bouknight, Chief Operating Officer at Nacero

Hal Bouknight

Chief Operating Officer

A photos of Chris Micklas, Chief Financial Officer at Nacero

Chris Micklas

Chief Financial Officer

Picture of Alex Agrons, Director of Business Development

Alex Agrons

Director, Business Development

A photo of George Andrush, Director, Plant Operations at Nacero

George Andrush

Director, Plant Operations

Wesley Burnett

Wesley Burnett

Director, Project Integration

A photo of John Choi, Commercial Director, Power at Nacero

John Choi

Commercial Director, Power

A photo of John Coffin, Director, Engineering at Nacero

John Coffin

Director, Engineering

A photo of Lisa Haley, Director, Supply Chain & Logistics at Nacero

Lisa Haley

Director, Supply Chain & Logistics

A picture of Neda Hazen, Director of Renewable Natural Gas

Neda Hazen

Commercial Director, Renewable Energy

The Nacero "n" on a grey background, used as a placeholder image for when no profile image is available.

Marc Heissan

Director, Strategic Development

A photo of Kevin Hyatt, Director, Gas Supply at Nacero

Kevin Hyatt

Director, Gas Supply

A photo of Scott Margherio, Commercial Director, Gasoline at Nacero

Scott Margherio

Commercial Director, Gasoline

Carolina Ortega, Director Sustainability & ESG

Carolina Ortega

Director, Sustainability & ESG

A photo of Luis Rios, Director, Project Finance at Nacero

Luis Rios

Director, Project Finance

Picture of Martine Savage, Director of Human Resources

Martine Savage

Director, Human Resources

Tom Vega-Byrnes, General Counsel & Secretary

Tom Vega-Byrnes

General Counsel & Secretary

A photo of Jessi Wong, Controller at Nacero

Jessi Wong


Investors that share our mission
Global Cleantech Capital
Global Cleantech Capital

GCC has deployed over $1billion across 60 cleantech companies over the last 15 years.


DRW Energy offers counterparties physical and financial solutions in alternative and traditional energy asset classes.

Building coalitions for a cleaner future
Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Energy Association
Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Energy Association

Advancing the commercialization of the markets for fuel cells and hydrogen energy.

Renewable Natural Gas Coalition
Renewable Natural Gas Coalition

Dedicated to the sustainable advancement of renewable natural gas.

American Biogas Council
American Biogas Council

ABC represents companies and professionals throughout the biogas supply chain dedicated to maximizing the production and use of biogas from organic waste.

Alternative Fuels and Chemicals Coalition
Alternative Fuels and Chemicals Coalition

Advocating for Public Policies to Promote the Development & Production of Alternative Fuels.


Join a team that’s shaping the future

We are a fast growing group of innovators and doers. Help us change the world. 

A photo-realistic rendering of the future Nacero gasoline station at dusk