Nacero Inc Announces NEON

Sep 29, 2021 - Press Releases

Houston, Texas – September 29, 2021 – Nacero Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of Nacero NEONTM, the Company’s renewable natural gas (RNG) acquisition platform.  Nacero NEONTM is the strategic growth engine for production of Nacero Green GasolineTM, an affordable net-zero carbon footprint gasoline for everyday drivers.

Methane is 80x more harmful over a 20-year period than CO2.  A significant amount of global warming is caused by fugitive and flared methane from farms, landfills, and wastewater facilities but only a small amount of this resource is captured and put to beneficial use as an everyday fuel. Nacero will make a real difference by using this feedstock to make its net-zero Nacero Green GasolineTM, connecting America’s RNG potential with the multi-hundred-billion-dollar per year gasoline market.  The Company will prioritize a new wave of projects in key markets across Texas, the Midwest, and Southeastern United States.  

“NEON is a game changer.  Connecting America’s RNG potential with scale of the gasoline market creates an unprecedented new opportunity in the energy transition.  Net-zero Nacero Green GasolineTM will be an accessible solution for fleets, corporations, and everyday American drivers,” said Jay McKenna, Nacero President and CEO.

Nacero is currently in negotiations with dairies, landfills, and food waste facilities for production of Nacero Green GasolineTM from its flagship Penwell facility located in West Texas that is scheduled to break ground in early 2022 and commence operations in 2025. 

“Nacero NEON is an innovative step forward in our pursuit of a more circular economy,” said David Cox, Founder & CFO of Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas. “By embracing RNG, Nacero is aiding the capture of naturally occurring emissions from society’s waste and using them to fuel a cleaner future.”




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Based in Houston, TX, Nacero Inc. is bringing a new gasoline to market, one that is made from natural gas and renewable natural gas, not crude oil.  The Company plans to build additional U.S. production facilities where it can create environmental and economic benefit for its consumers, host communities, commercial counterparties, and shareholders.  Founded in 2015, Nacero is led by a team with more than 400 years of combined successful project experience across the clean power, renewables, LNG, fuels, and petrochemicals sectors.

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