Nacero Appears Before House Agricultural Committee on Renewable Energy Opportunities

Apr 12, 2022 - Press Releases

April 12, 2022 - Houston, TX - Nacero Inc. was invited to appear before the House Agricultural Committee on the topic of renewable energy opportunities in rural America. In Jay McKenna's (CEO) opening remarks, he states: 

"Nacero will be the affordable climate solution for everyday drivers. Our gasoline will be ethanol blend-compliant and useable in today's cars and trucks without modification, thereby making it possible for everyday American drivers to economically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and strengthen American energy independence without having to change their habits, buy a new car, or pay more at the pump. 


America's farming community has much to gain. We plan to be a major new consumer of renewable natural gas from dairy, swine, poultry, food waste, and landfill gas projects, materially growing demand for these critical resources. We forecast that each of our facilities could support up to 100 new RNG digester projects, stimulating billions of dollars of new capital investment, creating thousands of new skilled jobs in rural America, and most importantly generating substantial new income streams for the farming community.

This isn't pie in the sky. The technology is proven, the market is there, and consumers are interested in low carbon solutions. With Nacero, everyday drivers, especially those in farming communities and rural America, can play a critical role in making real climate progress while, in parallel, ushering a new era of domestic energy security . Now more than ever we need large-scale solutions that can help reduce prices at the pump while, in parallel, allowing us to achieve climate goals."

To see more highlights, see below: 

- 3:25:25 - Introduction of Jay McKenna / Nacero 

- 3:25:49 - Jay's Oral Testimony

- 3:40:35 - Question #1 from Chairman Mr. David Scott-Georgia (Pros/Cons of American Driving Habits) 

- 3:41:10 - Jay's Reponse to Question #1

- 4:10:27 - Question #2 from Mr. Doug LaMalfa-Califonia (Affordability and barriers to expanding of transportation fuels) 

- 4:10:55 - Jay's response to Question #2

- 4:14:59 - Question #3 from Mr. Jim Baird-Indiana (Perception of government incentives on EVs and low-carbon fuels)

- 4:15:37 - Jay's response to Question #3 

- 4:17:36 - Question #4 from Mr. James Lawson Jr.-Florida (Dairy farm collaboration to achieve economies of scale and Nacero's efforts)

- 4:18:25 - Jay's response to Question #4 

- 4:22:20 - Question #5 from Mr. Glenn Thompson-Pennsylvania (Drop-in renewable fuels and benefits to consumers)

- 4:22:30 - Jay's response to Question #5

- 4:26:01 - Question #6 from Mr. Glenn Thompson-Pennsylvania (Impact and use of digestors in rural communities to produce low-carbon gasoline)

- 4:26:42 - Jay's response to Question #6

- 4:37:39 - Question #7 from Chairman Mr. David Scott-Georgia (Industry challenges for financing next generation solutions) 

- 4:43:01 - Jay's response to Question #7