Nacero Inc’s Annual Company Retreat 2021


Houston, TX  - On the morning of Thursday, June 17, Nacero Inc. commenced its Annual Company Retreat beginning at their headquarters in Houston, TX. The event was their largest group gathering to-date since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, which was a great milestone for the company.  This event included employees and special guests from around the U.S., Canada, and Denmark. Special guests included Wesley Burnett, the Director of Economic Development for Odessa TX, and Ricard Vannby, the TIGAS™ Technology Manager for Haldor Topsoe.

Celebrating Growth and Looking to the Future

The team spent the day discussing different aspects of Nacero. Topics included the vision and strategy of the organization, conversations regarding plant design and focusing on our brand, along with the company’s past and present realities. The group was commended for their rapid growth during the pandemic and then went on to expand outward, looking forward to the large-scale projects they have in motion.

Forging A New Relationship

During the first day, Wesley Burnett shook hands with Nacero CEO, Jay McKenna, and signed an incentive unit grant agreement with the company for a total of $20,000,000 over a span of 10 years. Wes went on to say that this is the largest agreement that the city of Odessa has ever granted to a single company, and he is beyond excited for the city to be working with Nacero for decades to come. Also in attendance are Nacero executives (from left to right): Chairmen/Co-Founder, Tom Tureen; CFO, Chris Micklas; COO, Hal Bouknight.

Wind Down for the Evening

After the first day of the retreat, the team went to the Kirby Ice House on Gessner Road to celebrate the event at Happy Hour. The group spent their evening having drinks, playing chess and basketball, along with having Torchy’s Tacos catered in.

Second Day of the Retreat

The next day on Friday, June 18th, the Westside Sporting Grounds in Katy, TX welcomed the Nacero team and their spouses to the second and final day of the retreat. 40 of the people who arrived at the retreat made it to the grounds early to take part in the main event of the day: Clay Shooting. Ten teams of four spent their whole morning shooting off rounds and trying to get points for their groups.

Among the teams, the winning groups were:

1st Place: Shooting Blanks

Scott Margherio, Stacie Margherio, Mike Anderson, and Enrique Cruz

2nd Place: Claybustion Reaction

Crystal Nice, Sam Duchene, Brad Nice, and Derek Hall

3rd Place: Team #3

Eric Holtermann, John Choi, Jess Cole, and Michael Bouknight

And among these groups, the individual top scorers were:

1st Place: Eric Holtermann  2nd Place: Mike Anderson  3rd Place: Jay McKenna

Carry on Ceremonial Traditions

After the clay shooting had concluded, the group got to enjoy a crawfish boil held by Daniel Ruiz and his catering team. While the whole group enjoyed their lunch, the executive team held a presentation around Nacero’s beginnings, the core values of the company, and the mindset behind the brand that they have become known for. They discussed the bright future for Nacero, and the team shared their excitement for what is to come. And to end off the whole retreat, per the company’s tradition, every single employee received a complementary container of dirt. The soil given out was dug straight from the ground that Nacero will soon break when it begins construction of its Penwell facility in Odessa, TX. A special thanks to both Haydee Duchene and Lorna Barnhart, who organized the Nacero Annual Company Retreat!