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Picture of Alex Agrons, Director of Business Development

Alex Agrons

Director, Business Development

A photo of Mike Anderson, Operations Advisor, Process Engineering at Nacero

Mike Anderson

Operations Advisor, Process Engineering

A photo of George Andrush, Director, Plant Operations at Nacero

George Andrush

Director, Plant Operations

A photo of Lorna Barnhart, Manager, Systems Integration at Nacero

Lorna Barnhart

Manager, Systems Integration

A photo of Hal Bouknight, Chief Operating Officer at Nacero

Hal Bouknight

Chief Operating Officer

A photo of Michael Bouknight, Manager, Project Controls at Nacero

Michael Bouknight

Manager, Project Controls

A photo of Camille Williams, Accountant at Nacero

Camille Boyd


Wesley Burnett

Wesley Burnett

Director, Project Integration

A photo of Brandon Cassimere, Sr. Engineer, Electrical at Nacero

Brandon Cassimere

Sr. Engineer, Electrical

A photo of John Choi, Commercial Director, Power at Nacero

John Choi

Commercial Director, Power

Jess Cole, Manager Project Finance

Jess Cole

Manager, Strategic Finance

A photo of John Coffin, Director, Engineering at Nacero

John Coffin

Director, Engineering

A photo of Enrique Cruz, Sr. Engineer, Instrumental at Nacero

Enrique Cruz

Sr. Engineer, Instrumentation

Picture of Mike Dubois, System Specialist

Mike Dubois

System Specialist - 3D System

A photo of Brandon Ernst, Tech Manager, Instrumentation & Electrical at Nacero

Brandon Ernst

Tech Manager, Instrumentation & Electrical

Phil Feiner, Assistant General Counsel

Phillip Feiner

Assistant General Counsel

A photo of Michael Fruelda, Senior Engineer, Process Engineering at Nacero

Michael Fruelda

Senior Engineer, Process Engineering

Picture of Javed Haider, SPI and SPEL Admin

Javed Haider

SPI & SPEL Administrator

A photo of Lisa Haley, Director, Supply Chain & Logistics at Nacero

Lisa Haley

Director, Supply Chain & Logistics

A photo of Derek Hall, Manager, Planning & Scheduling at Nacero

Derek Hall

Manager, Planning & Scheduling

A picture of Neda Hazen, Director of Renewable Natural Gas

Neda Hazen

Commercial Director, Renewable Energy

The Nacero "n" on a grey background, used as a placeholder image for when no profile image is available.

Marc Heissan

Director, Strategic Development

A photo of Eric Holtermann, Project Manager at Nacero

Eric Holtermann

Project Manager

A photo of Kevin Hyatt, Director, Gas Supply at Nacero

Kevin Hyatt

Director, Gas Supply

The Nacero "n" on a grey background, used as a placeholder image for when no profile image is available.

Stephanie Koehne

Project Manager

A photo of Benny Lee, Sr. Manager, Commodity Risk & Commercial Finance at Nacero

Benny Lee

Sr. Manager, Commodity Risk & Commercial Finance

Randi Lesser, Technical Manager, Process & SID

Randi Lesser

Technical Manager, Process & SID

A photo of Bob Lewandowski, Maintenance and Reliability Manager at Nacer

Bob Lewandowski

Maintenance and Reliability Manager

A photo of Scott Margherio, Commercial Director, Gasoline at Nacero

Scott Margherio

Commercial Director, Gasoline

A photo of Jay McKenna, President & Chief Executive Officer at Nacero

Jay McKenna

President & Chief Executive Officer

A photos of Chris Micklas, Chief Financial Officer at Nacero

Chris Micklas

Chief Financial Officer

A photo of Alex Millan, Principal, Controls Systems at Nacero

Alex Millan

Principal, Controls Systems

A photo of James Monroe, Smart P&ID Designer at Nacero

James Monroe

Smart P&ID Designer

A photo of Brad Nice, Manager, Estimating at Nacero

Brad Nice

Manager, Estimating

Picture of Martine Savage, Director of Human Resources

Martine Savage

Director, Human Resources

A photo of Shawn Shu, Senior Engineer, I&C at Nacero

Shawn Shu

Senior Engineer, I&C

A photo of Jason Smith, Construction Manager at Nacero

Jason Smith

Construction Manager

A photo of Waseem Srouji, Project Manager at Nacero

Waseem Srouji

Project Manager

A photo of Justin Stewart, Tech Manager, Piping & Layout at Nacero

Justin Stewart

Tech Manager, Piping & Layout

Patricia Tinsley, Office Manager

Patricia Tinsley

Executive Assistant & Office Manager

A photo of Michael Tran, IT Support Specialist at Nacero

Michael Tran

IT Support Specialist

A photo of Tom Tureen, Chairman at Nacero

Tom Tureen


Tom Vega-Byrnes, General Counsel & Secretary

Tom Vega-Byrnes

General Counsel & Secretary

A photo of Chase Weeks, Sr. Cost Engineer at Nacero

Chase Weeks

Sr. Cost Engineer

A photo of Deanna Wells, Document Control Specialist at Nacero

Deanna Wells

Document Control Specialist

A photo of Curtis Williams, System Specialist, Integration & Data Management at Nacero

Curtis Williams

System Specialist, Integration & Data Management

A photo of Jessi Wong, Controller at Nacero

Jessi Wong


What drives our team
"Being part of an amazing energy company, which has an innovative solution to produce clean fuel, we also get the opportunity to utilize new advanced technologies with Integrated Systems for superior data management."

Lorna – Manager, Systems Integration


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